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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist!

Fall is a great time to perform some home maintenance before the nights get longer and the temperatures drop. Speaking of cold temperatures, some of these tips will help you prepare for the winter ahead!


Neighborhood w/ autumn leaves


  • General exterior repairs Check the exterior of your home for any damage that may have occurred over the past year. Schedule or perform any repairs before winter weather hits. This will help you keep your warm air in, and any critters out!
  • Clean gutters If you don’t have gutter guards, fall is a great time to bring out the ladder and clear your gutters once most of the leaves are down. Make sure any melting snow has a path to drain to avoid potential water damage!
  • Winterize exterior faucets Frozen pipes could potentially burst and damage your home, and create unexpected bills. Shut off the water to your hose bibs, then drain the remainder to avoid this potentially costly problem.
  • Rake It’s a chore, but letting fallen leaves cover your yard through the winter can prevent your lawn from looking its best in the spring, especially if we have a snowy winter. Make it more fun by making a giant leaf pile and letting your kids jump in it – or unleash your inner kid and jump in yourself!
  • Gear up for winter Make sure you have supplies on hand to help you get through a winter storm. An emergency kit for your car is a great idea in case of icy roads. Grab some pet safe ice melt to keep your driveway clear, and replace any broken snow shovels early before you need one!
  • Heating system maintenance Last but not least, schedule an appointment to ensure your heating system is ready to keep you warm this winter. If you have a chimney, make sure to have it cleaned so you can enjoy a crackling fire over the winter. Make sure to close your fireplace damper when you’re not using it to keep that hot air inside!

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